October 23



The founders of Lumen Scholar Institute saw the need to form a “virtual” charter school that met the varied needs of our target students and their families. With our own teachers, live classes and students enrolled from across the state, our unique format allows students to expand their educational experience, have added flexibility, and the opportunity to interact and learn with other like-minded students and families.

Our purpose is to provide instruction and experience-oriented resources to our students, both in and out of the classroom. While at the same time, raising the academic bar, and allowing students to start wherever they are, and reach towards their individual goals.

Parents play a vital role in the educational partnership with the school. As a parent, you will participate in the decision making process for your student. A yearly meeting establishes academic goals and other needs of your student with the school while also serving as a guide for the how, when, where, and what of your student's education for the year. 

Lumen Scholar Institute was created specifically to provide the busy school-at-home family with an expanded learning environment, while honoring academic individuality. Our flexible program gives you a customized learning experience!

A Learning Plan is created for each student as an educational map which will provide a fun and exciting learning pathway ... one that is as varied and challenging as a student needs.

Whether your child enjoys a Socratic approach, creative or verbal expression, hands-on building, experiential learning, or deep and thorough research, there is an individual path for them at Lumen Scholar Institute.

Our trusted teachers and materials will support you and guide you to success every step of the way as you travel your own learning path, and take charge of your own educational experiences.

Our goal was not to replace the valuable home school experience, or to simply open another charter school. Instead, we wanted to integrate the two options and make the school-at-home experience even better and stronger with added opportunity to explore outside interests and learn with others.