February 19

Jr High

the perfect balance

We have assembled a talented Junior High team to create a program that will enrich student’s lives and engage their minds. As students work through their online curriculum in our learning management system, parents can choose what type of support best meets their child's needs. 

We offer live onsite classes 1 day a week for those living close to our campus. These include interactive hands on experiences in their core classes and fun elective choices such as Musical Theater, Choir, Mock Trial, ASL, STEM learning and tutoring labs. In addition, we offer regular activities and frequent family experiences.

Distance Education students can choose our wonderful teacher supported online classes where they have weekly live interaction with teachers. Each class offers on location learning labs where students get out into the community to learn and explore. Students can also choose classes from Gradpoint, Edgenuity, and others.

Lumen Scholar provides families with the necessary technology and training to be successful in an online environment. Lumen boasts an exclusive academic coaching program where students can access tutors at various centers located near their homes for academic support that they might need. In addition, parents have access to our robust Lending Library with many resources to personalize the learning environment for your family.