May 19


a utah public charter school for grades k-12

The founders of Lumen Scholar Institute combine their wide background of knowledge and experience in charter school development AND home schooling to bring this unique charter school to life, offering grades K-12 to students statewide.

Lumen Scholar Institute is a “virtual” charter school. With our own teachers, live classes and students enrolled from across the state, our unique format allows students to expand their educational experience, have added flexibility, and the opportunity to interact and learn with other like-minded students and families.

Our purpose is to provide a wide-range of curriculum and experience-oriented resources to our students and their parents, both in and out of the classroom.

how we operate

students meet often in fun and
educational activities

Making Friends

We believe making friends is an important part of life and education! What families love about Lumen Scholar is the regular student interaction.

Regular Activities

Students interact with each other in fun and educational activities and academic experiences.

Engaged Learning

Our online curriculum is designed to engage and inspire students to achieve their potential. Our teachers personally oversee student progress and interact with them individually and as a group as they progress through the year. Our programs are designed to ensure individualized education.


we’d love to have your students join us at
Lumen scholar institute


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