October 23

Rules of Order & Procedure

The Rules of Order and Procedure was developed at the request of schools and districts to assist School Community Councils and elected Charter Trust Lands Councils adopt Rules of Order and Procedure as required (53G-7-1203(10)). 

Ethical Behavior

To promote ethical behavior and civil discourse each School Community Council member shall:

• Attend council meetings on time and prepared

• Make decisions with the needs of students as the main objective

• Listen to and value diverse opinions

• Be sure the opinions of those you represent are included in discussions

• Expect accountability and be prepared to be accountable

Act with integrity

Rules of Procedure

·       All meetings are open to the public

·       the public is welcome to attend (required)

Agendas and Minutes

·       The agenda of each upcoming meeting with draft minutes of the prior meeting will be made available to all council members at least one week in advance

·       Agendas will be posted on the school website and made available in the main office 

·       The agenda will include the date, time and location of the meeting (required)

·       Minutes will be kept of all meetings

·       Minutes will be prepared in draft format for approval at the next scheduled meeting (required)


·       The council will prepare a timeline for the school year that includes due dates for all required reporting and other activities/tasks that the council agrees to assume or participate in

·       The timeline will assist in preparation of agendas to be sure the council accomplishes their work in a timely manner (best practice)


The School Community Council consists of:

·       A designated Department Director

·       one school employee who is elected in even years

·       four parent members, two of whom are elected in even years and two in odd years

·       In the event there is a tie vote in an election, the designated Department Director shall flip a coin to determine the outcome

·       Size of the School Community Council is determined by council members, but Councils are required to consist of the principal, at least one school employee, and at least four parents with a two-parent majority on the Council

·       Elections are required to be staggered


·       The Chair conducts meetings (required), makes assignments and requests reports on assignments

·       In the absence of the chair, the Vice Chair shall conduct meetings


·       The council must have a quorum to vote (required)

Participation Requirements

·       If a parent member is absent from two consecutive meetings, the chair will notify the member that if the member does not attend the next meeting, the Council will consider the seat vacant and the remaining parent members will appoint a parent to fill the unexpired term

Rules of Order

·       Meetings shall be conducted and action taken according to very simplified rules of parliamentary procedure as required in 53G-7-1203(10)

·       Council actions will be taken by motions and voting with votes and motions recorded in the minutes (required)