January 18

Program Overview

Partner With Us


Personalized education is our hallmark at Lumen Scholar Institute.  We partner with you to create an elementary experience that makes your child's education engaging and exciting.  Teachers cover standards through a combination of tried and tested curriculum such as Number Worlds and Studies Weekly, as well as personalized video instruction and curriculum.  We offer optional regular onsite learning labs and frequent family experiences so that parents can choose their level of engagement.  Chances are, you will find many resources to meet the needs of your family.

Jr High

We have assembled a talented Junior High team to create a program that will enrich student’s lives and engage their minds. As students work through their online curriculum in our learning management system, parents can choose what type of support best meets their child's needs. We offer live onsite classes 2 days a week for those living close to our campus. Distance Education students access teacher supported online classes. In addition, we offer regular activities and frequent family experiences. Students can also choose classes from our Lumen High School Suite or from one of our educational partners.  

High School

Our cornerstone program at Lumen Scholar Institute is our Concurrent Enrollment program. Students have the opportunity to come to classes twice a week and have live college instructors who are also certified High School teachers. This means that students can graduate with a High School diploma and an Associate's Degree from Utah Valley University at the same time. 

High School students who are not quite ready for college classes, may choose Lumen's online high school courses or an alternative curriculum option, as approved by the school. 

Lumen Scholar Institute promotes a supportive and fun culture by giving students access to individual and group tutoring, leadership experiences, and engaging regular activities. Talented teachers ensure students stay engaged by reaching out to them, whether in-person or online at a distance.