October 23

Enrollment Policies


A lottery will be conducted only if more applications are received than spots are available. The school uses a computer-generated random lottery process to determine those who are accepted and those who are to be placed on a wait list.

All parents will be notified of their student’s acceptance or placement on a general/sibling wait list. Students who apply after the lottery will be placed in order of application on a general wait list.

Preferential enrollment status will be given to the following applicants:

Children of Founding Council Members*
Children/Grandchildren of Lumen Scholar Institute Employees*
Siblings of Currently Enrolled Students

*The total of first and second priorities will not exceed 5% of the student body

Preferential enrollment will be granted as space is available. A preference wait list will be generated based on lottery results for those applicants who qualify for preferential enrollment where no seats are available.

  • Please be aware that registration in the lottery does not roll over from one year to the next. For consideration, potential students must re-register each new enrollment period for the school’s lottery.


    Kindergarten - 15 students
    1st Grade - 30 students
    2nd Grade - 30 students
    3rd Grade - 35 Students
    4th Grade - 35 Students
    5th Grade - 35 students
    6th Grade - 50 students
    7th Grade - 50 students
    8th Grade - 50 students
    9th Grade - 50 students
    10th Grade - 65 students
    11th Grade - 65 students
    12th Grade - 50 student


    In accordance with Utah State Code Section 53A-1a 506.5 (2), the parent of a student enrolled in a charter school may withdraw the student from that charter school for enrollment in another charter school or a school district by:

    Submitting notice of intent to enroll the student in the district of residence for the subsequent year to the student’s charter school no later than June 30 of the current school year;

    Submitting notice of intent to enroll the student in another charter school for the subsequent school year to the current charter school of attendance, together with a letter of acceptance from the proposed charter school of attendance, no later than June 30 of the current school year; or 

    Obtaining approval from both the charter school of attendance and the school district or charter school in which enrollment is sought, if the parent desires to change the student's enrollment during the school year or after June 30.

    This means that a family has the right to withdraw from Lumen and re-enroll in a local district school without further procedure through June 30th before the school year starts. However, after June 30th, both the school from which a student is withdrawing as well as the prospective school for enrollment must authorize the change.  Families run no risk of being denied re-enrollment in the local district school up through June 30th before the school year starts.

    Contact Us

    For assistance with enrollment, please contact the school's Registrar via email or phone.
    (801) 987-9497 EXT 209