February 19


Is Lumen Scholar Institute accredited?

Yes. Our formal Accreditation Visit was scheduled for April 18-19, 2017 and we were fully accredited at that time. 

At what age can my child enroll?

Your child must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st of the year you want them to start school.

What is an online school, and how does it work?

An online school utilizes computer based curricula and virtual meeting spaces (on-line classes through Canvas and conferencing with Zoom) to support distance based education.  Our program adds text materials for k-12 grade learners, on-site enrichment and instruction, and social activities to promote a comprehensive learning experience.

What is the parent role for grades K-6?

Parents are expected to be the learning coach for each student. A Learning Coach is the parent-educator for the student. Our highly qualified teachers are available to help support parents by providing instruction, learning strategies and resources to you.

What is the parent role for grades 7-12?

Parents remain the learning coach for each student.  As student move into the upper grades and into high school, however, we expect them to take on an increased level of responsibility for their own learning and accountability.   Our highly qualified teachers provide face to face instruction for on-site and concurrent enrollment students.  Teachers and/or academic coaches support students completing online-only courses.

How much does the Lumen Scholar Program cost?

LSI is a free public charter school publicly funded by the Utah Department of Education. The only cost incurred by a family is travel expenses, if attending on-site classes, or for family day-trips/excursions.

Does LSI offer field trips?

Yes! Field trips offer not just an educational component but also a social component as well. LSI offers several field trips a year.

What is the DIBELS

DIBELS is an assessment tool administered to students upon enrollment to gather baseline data, and then again in the Spring term. The assessment tracks student progress in Reading and helps identify where a student’s strengths and weaknesses are.  We provide the learning coach with a detailed report and a list of instructional ideas to build the weaker areas, as well as support the stronger areas. Additionally, we use this data to plan curricula and analyze program needs.

What is the Measures of Academic Progress (MAPS) Assessment?

The MAPS Assessment is a tool LSI implemented that has been very successful in gauging annual progress. Upon enrollment, and then again in the Spring term, our teachers administer the adaptive MAPS Assessment to each student in Reading and Math.

The assessment helps identify where a student’s strengths are, as well as weaker areas to build. We provide the learning coach with a detailed report and ways to build the student’s skills. Additionally, we use this data to plan curricula and analyze program needs.

Can I be enrolled in LSI and another school/program at the same time?

We require all students to be enrolled full time with us, but do follow state law by allowing Dual enrollment for up to 2 classes.

Do I have to live in Orem to Join Lumen Scholar Institute?

No. Our charter is a state-wide charter, allowing us to serve students anywhere in Utah.

Can I live out of state and attend Lumen Scholar Institute?

No. Our charter is a Utah charter, which does not allow us to serve students outside of Utah.

Are all of the teachers at LSI highly-qualified?


Are students of LSI required to participate in state testing?

Yes. All students who enroll in a public charter school are expected to participate in state testing in grades 3-8, and 11.