October 23


Is Lumen Scholar Institute accredited?

Yes. Our formal Accreditation Visit was scheduled for April 18-19, 2017 and we were fully accredited at that time. 

At what age can my child enroll?

Your child must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st of the year you want them to start school.

What is an online school?

An online school utilizes computer based curricula and virtual meeting spaces (on-line classes through Canvas and conferencing with Zoom) to support distance based education. 

Is this a private or public school?

Lumen Scholar Institute is a free public charter school publicly funded by the Utah Department of Education. 

Do you offer field trips?

Yes! Field trips offer not just an educational component but also a social component as well.  We offer several field trips each year.

Can I live out of state and attend Lumen Scholar Institute?

No. Our charter is a Utah charter, which does not allow us to serve students outside of Utah.