February 19


Individualized Education

Personalized education is our hallmark at Lumen Scholar Institute.  We partner with you to create an elementary experience that makes your child's education engaging and exciting.  Teachers meet with you and choose a combination of tried and tested curriculum such as Core Knowledge, Calvert, Moving Beyond the Page, Novel Ideas as well Math U See, Teaching Textbooks and Saxon to best fit your student. Teachers also engage with students in fun weekly online sessions. 

Students who live near our Family Learning Center have the option to come once a week for live activities with their teacher and fun electives such as art, movement and stem learning. We also offer regular onsite learning labs and frequent family experiences so that parents can choose their level of engagement.  

Lumen Scholar provides families with the necessary technology and training to be successful in an online environment. Lumen boasts an exclusive academic coaching program where students can access tutors at various centers located near their homes for academic support that they might need. In addition, parents have access to our robust Lending Library with many resources to personalize the learning environment for your family.