June 23

Community Events


Dash Through History

This is a premier event with activities and performances that take you through 5000 years of History and a ton of fun! There is something to keep the whole family happy.


History Fair

This is the equivalent of the science fair, but for History. At this event Lumen Scholar Institute students bring a history project that they have created and compete for prizes and the chance to move on to the regional competition. Families come to peruse the projects and to enjoy a rich cultural performance together as a family.


Stem Fair

This is an opportunity to experience science in action through fun activities and then expand your horizons by exploring talented science fair projects. Dedicated mentors guide competing Lumen Scholar Institute students as they prepare their experiments and experience real science in action.


End of year showcase

This is the chance everyone has to show off what they have accomplished and learned during the year. It is a spectacular end to a great year!