June 25


Amy Hart

Student Success

Amy Hart has been happily married to Vern Hart for over 32 years. They have 8 children and 10 grandchildren, with more on the way. Amy graduated from BYU in Elementary Education and started as a first grade teacher when she was twenty years old. She knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time she was 12 years old.  She took time out from teaching full time to raise her children and home school them. She worked part-time teaching College Textbook Reading at UVU for 16 years.  She started as the second grade teacher the year Lumen opened.  Two years ago, she received her Master's in Special Education from WGU. She is now oversees the Student Success Department at Lumen.  She loves helping students of all ages, learn to read. She loves working with the amazing kids and families at Lumen.