February 19


The school's counseling department dedicates their time to serving the students. A good balance between career guidance, individual student planning, systems support and responsive services are always our goal. We take time to meet with each student, grades 7-12, and their parents to develop a 4 year plan to facilitate graduation and beyond.

College and Career Readiness (CCR), meetings allow students the chance to set goals and plan for the future. Career guided lessons are provided when possible throughout the year and of course time is always made to assist any student struggling with personal issues impeding the educational process.

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Counseling Corner

For tips, guides, and more counseling information please visit our counseling corner via the link below.

Counseling Corner

School Counselor

Debra Jackson

I was a school counselor for 7 years at Entheos Academy in SLC area (grades K-9). In August I married a retired school teacher and moved to Orem. I love books, nature and music (Piano Guys and A Cappella are my favorites!) I speak Spanish fluently. I've been to Peru and Israel. Machu Picchu is amazing!!! I went overnight from 0 grandchildren to 11 grandchildren and it is fun! Eating my way through the world is on my wish list. I am glad to be at Lumen.

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